What could be better than nursing and taking care of people? This is a profile within the healthcare sector in which you can take care of individuals, families, communities so that they can obtain the maximum quality of life. Medical attendants develop a plan of care, works cooperatively with doctors, specialists, the patient, and the patient’s family and other colleagues that focus on treating illness to enhance the quality of life.


  1. Duties of a Nurse:

Nurture Patients:

 A nurse acts as a care provider. She is also a comforter and healer for the patients. They give them emotional support and take care of them as a mother. A caring nurse can bring a drastic change in the health of the patient. Medical attendants should have the knowledge of the issues of the patients.

Spread Awareness:

Another work of a nurse is to educate. She guides the patients about the treatment process and therapies related to the disease. She promotes a healthy lifestyle. She makes the patient aware of the intensity of the after pain of the disease and how to overcome it.

Counsel patients:

To promote physical health and to give comfort to the patients, nurses act as the counselors. They give emotional, mental, and intellectual support to the patient. They help the patient to develop a positive attitude towards the disease so that they can recover very fast. A nurse should learn to be friends with the patient and take a good care of them.

  • Salary Package:

A registered nurse earns an average salary of S$39,000 per year whereas a staff nurse earns an average salary of S$34,000 per year.

  • The scope of nursing:

Staff Nurse: 

Staff nurses work in an assortment of setting including rehab centers, critical care, mental and outpatient office. They give direct patient care, control medications. Staff nurses usually have the chances to promote and supervise other medical staff. Those with strong leadership skills may want to consider this option.

Registered Nurse:

 Registered nurses help doctors in hospitals and other medical settings. They perform different tasks related to patient care, case administration, and treatment arranging. RNs can specialize in several fields.

Licensed Practical Nurse: 

They perform a variety of tasks under the supervision of RN and doctors. They administer medicines, check crucial signs and give injections. If you want to go for nursing then LPN (licensed practical nurse) is best to start with.

Travel Nurse: 

A travel nurse work is temporary, nationally or internationally sometimes for a week or sometimes for several years. A travel nurse performs some duties same as an RN.

Nurse Practitioner:

While some medical caretaker professional work under the supervision of doctor taking on many roles of a physician. NPs can discover diseases, advice medications and begin treatment plans.

Medical Surgical Nurse:

A medical nurse gives direct care to adult patients in a variety of settings. Medical-surgical (MS) nursing is often considered the foundation for healthcare. These experts must do a variety of tasks, must possess excellent assessment, organizational, specialized and prioritization skills. Medical nurses treat all kind of infirmities so they need to be flexible and they should provide holistic care.

Emergency Room Nurse:

 An emergency room nurse treats patients experiencing trauma or injury in the hospital’s emergency room. They face a variety of situations and they have to calm the patients dealing with traumatic events and injuries. This position is best for those who can handle high-stress scenarios. 

Operating Room Nurse:

 They take care of the patients of the patients before, during, and after surgery. They work with the surgical group and are the medium between the doctor and the patient’s family. These nurses also prepare patients and patients’ families for post-operative care.

Nursing Assistant:

Nursing Assistant or more commonly named as CAN i.e. Certified Nursing Assistant because of the required certification. They work closely with the patient under the supervision of a staff nurse. They help the patient with their personal care such as bathing them, getting them dressing, helping them in using the washroom helping them in eating and more.

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