Mosquito Authority - El Paso, TX

Mosquito Authority - El Paso, TX
Services: Mosquito Control, Mosquito Treatment, Mosquito Company, Tick Control, Mosquito Service
Phone: (915) 242-1344
Address: 11125 La Quinta Place Suite A, El Paso, Texas, 79936, United States

You may think that you’re safe from ticks in your yard, but you may be wrong. While some ticks are more active during certain seasons, they often come out at different times than you would expect. Ticks can transmit several diseases, including neurotoxins, allergens, germs, parasites, and viruses, through their bites. Tick-borne illnesses may be mild to severe and are becoming a serious public health issue in the United States. Our objective with-, TX is to interfere with the lifecycle, starting at larvae and progressing through to help reduce tick habitats on a long-term basis. While you may buy tick repellents at any hardware store, there are several drawbacks to depending on them if you have no experience with tick control. We offer tick control in El Paso, TX on your property. We have decades of expertise dealing with ticks, so we know how to get rid of them effectively. Mosquito Authority – El Paso, TX creates a unique strategy based on the particular variables of your situation, such as where you live and when the season is. All of this aids in increasing the likelihood that ticks will be exterminated immediately and will stay away from your yard.

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