In My Defense, LLC

In My Defense, LLC In My Defense, LLC In My Defense, LLC In My Defense, LLC In My Defense, LLC In My Defense, LLC
Services: Firearms Courses, Personal Defense Training, Emergency Medical Training, Firearms Training, Emergency Preparedness Courses
Phone: 443-223-4921
Address: 188 CAMPUS GREEN DRIVE, 804A E College Parkway, Annapolis, Maryland, 21409, United States

In My Defense (IMD, LLC) is a veteran owned company offering awareness, avoidance, personal defense, firearms training, and medical training for those who want options when predators seek them out. Not scared… Prepared for the times “When you are all you have.’ We offer the following Classes: Maryland Wear and Carry (W&C); MD Handgun Qualification License (HQL); Firearms Safety, Basic and Women’s Handgun; Holster Work, Defensive Handgun; Home Defense; Church Safety – Protecting Your Congregations; Countering the Mass Shooter; Real Estate Agent Safety; Adult First Aid, Adult/Youth/Pediatric CPR, AED; Emergency First Aid Fundamentals, Stop Life Threatening Bleeding, Combatives Skills, and others.


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